How to have a blast on birthdays with birthday party ideas for adults

Highly creative and imaginative birthday party ideas for adults can help everyone to have a real blasting birthday celebration. When we think of birthdays, we all at once tend to think of balloons, festoons, cake and candies. Yes, we think only of kids but adults too can have a lot of fun celebrating their own or planning birthdays for friends or family. We are all as old as we feel and age is not a bar for celebrating birthdays. Adult Birthday party ideas are all that we need to make the celebrations memorable for everyone.

Start with birthday party ideas for adults

Since we are adults, action starts with proper planning and birthday party ideas for adults should form the sound base for all fun and novelty. Ideas can make or mar a celebration.   With a right choice of Adult birthday party ideas, we can very easily prevent a birthday celebration from becoming boring, dull, inactive or insipid affair where everyone keeps looking at each other, sheepish and not knowing what to do. Birthday party ideas for adults begin from the beginning of planning and take us through the entire repertoire and the celebrations go on without a hitch.

birthday party ideas for adult

What do we get out of birthday party ideas for adults?

Adult birthday party ideas help us to choose what type of celebration we intend. We get themes; we get to choose from a large variety of themes according to the age, gender, nature and interests of the birthday person as well as the group so that there is no mismatching. Birthday party ideas for adults suggest plans and activities that go round the theme selected. Starting with invitation cards personalized according to the theme, decorations, dress, accessories, food, drinks, music, dance, games, activities, gifts, return gifts – the entire gamut goes around the selected theme. Just for example, if your theme is Mexican, integrate it into all aspects of birthday celebrations just now mentioned. The fun is more focused, more directed and more exciting. Birthday party ideas for adults have a list of activity ideas, destination ideas, masquerade ideas, costume ideas, menu ideas, decoration ideas, entertainment ideas and the list offers a wide range of pure, unadulterated fun and excitement for friends, family, and colleagues. Adult birthday party ideas also show us how to get all the invitees get fully involved. Invitees for example, can be told to bring relevant music, organize their favorite games or share drinks.

We can go on and on raving about birthday party ideas for adults. How and from where do we get ideas?  Of course, from the websites on the internet those are specializing in this subject of adult birthday party ideas. The lists they offer are endless. We are spoilt for choice literally. What is important is to choose the right set of ideas according to the tastes of the particular group of invitees. The websites help us to choose something novel, innovative and striking and guide us to plan meticulously at every stage till the party ends gloriously with the right set of birthday party ideas for adults.

Some birthday party ideas for adults

You are as young as your heart is, and it is never too late to celebrate your birthday.  However, the party ideas have to be in keeping with adulthood.  Planning a birthday party involves planning the theme, menu, decorations and entertainment.

You can go for the following ideas while celebrating the birthday party of an adult member of your family or a friend.  All these ideas are suitable for adult people of any age.

Adult birthday party ideas

These ideas are suitable whether you are holding the party at home or rent a hotel room or in a restaurant.

birthday party ideas for adults

Cocktail party

It is a typical adult party idea to have a cocktail party.  It does not involve too much of decoration or entertainment like a full blown party.  Item wise you need fewer things to celebrate the arrival of the guest of honor at this ripe age.


A rock and roll theme goes well with a cocktail party. In that case the decorations and drinks should go well with such a theme.

Dress code, dancing and mingling

Your guests should know about the idea so that they can dress according to the mood of a cocktail party.  A cocktail party without some dancing is incomplete.  So have ample space for dancing.  The seating arrangement in such parties should be such that people can mingle with each other while enjoying the drink.

Music is another very important part of a cocktail party.  Let your guests swing to the groovy music while seeping their favorite drink.  If you are the wealthy kind you can hire a DJ, but a CD or mp3 player too can be used.

Casino night party

It will not take a lot of decorations to create a casino like atmosphere.  However, you need a larger room than at a cocktail party.  Moreover, a casino party without gambling is incomplete.  You can have the following games.

  • Deck of cards
  • Poker chips
  • Dice
  • Roulette wheels, Poker tables, slot machines etc.

Each guest should be given some poker chips when they enter the venue in the evening.  If they run out of chips they have to get new ones by completing fun tasks such as sitting out and taking the role of a dealer for one round.

Retro party

Step into the time machine and get back to your preferred time.  The musical extravaganza, disco, or crazy clothing of the 60s and 70s can be a good theme for an adult party.

Surprise party

  • Surprise parties are gaining popularity these days. However, while planning a surprise party you should keep in mind that it is a surprise only to the guest of honor.  So do mention in the invitation lists that it is a surprise party.
  • Specify the start time on the invitation card and make sure that guests arrive at the venue at least half an hour before the guest of honor arrives.
  • To keep it a complete surprise to the guest of honor get somebody to fake an activity so that the guest of honor arrives at the venue with a completely different perception and does not even get an inkling of what is coming.